Update (23-12-2012)

Got some smaller files done this week.

Translation: 23/404 files
Insertion: 0/404 files.
Interface: Nothing as of yet.


4 thoughts on “Update (23-12-2012)

  1. Nanashi

    If there ever comes a day when I can read this in english, I will quit being a Christian and your face will be on my wall instead of that of jesus

  2. kenshinsama

    Ooh so someone has picked this up! Didn’t notice it until someone posted on the vndb forums. Thank you very much for translating this and I wish you the best! ^^

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Thanks. I haven’t really announced this project on other sites yet since it’s still just starting up and still quite far from any release (About 15000 lines left to translate for the first mandatory play through). But someone picked this up quite fast and posted on the entry in VNDB.


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