Update (30-12-2012)

Here’s this week’s update on the Koichoco translation progress.

Translation: 29/404 files
Insertion: 0/404 files.
Interface: Nothing as of yet.

I would also like to point out that there’s still a technical hurdle left to deal with. Which would be a word wrap problem. The game automatically enters a line break after every 25th character. That currently means I only have a limited amount of characters per line I can work with. And although it’s possible to enter new lines in the script files it’s far from ideal and not optimal reading.

More information can be found in this thread at the Hongfire forums (With screenshots). If there’s someone willing to help with that issue I’d be glad to hear it. Drop me a message at the forums or in the comments where I can find you. Sadly I don’t have much to give in return apart from my gratitude and your name in the credits.


3 thoughts on “Update (30-12-2012)

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Hi, thanks for tips iccoman. I’ve just received news that the line-break issue can be solved which means this annoying thing will be out of the way 🙂


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