Update (09-02-2013)

Got some good progress in this time. Working my way through the election preparations.

Common/First route (Chisato): 5974/~18398 lines.

Translation: 51/404 files
Insertion: 0/404 files.
Interface: Nothing as of yet.


10 thoughts on “Update (09-02-2013)

  1. Marcus

    Thanks for starting to translate this novel!
    I hope everything goes right to appreciate a wonderful translation!!

  2. Anon

    Wow! This VN is getting translated pretty well kudos to you my friend. I hope to see this have a partial patch soon! Keep up the good work don’t mind at all even if it’s amataur I still want to play this xD!

  3. Satsuki best

    I can only hope it doesnt slow down ALOT at the H-Scenes like everyone else does.

  4. SieghartXx

    You’re doing pretty good! Keep it up c:! I wish I could help you, but my japanese knowledge is bellow basic xD


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