Update (01-04-2013)

A new month, time for another progress report:

Common/First route (Chisato): 8439/~18398 lines.

Translation: 66/404 files
Insertion: 0/404 files.
Interface: Nothing as of yet.

I really need these elections to go over with so I can start on the actual Chisato route :). I feel like I’ve slowed down a bit, I’ll see what I can do about that without rushing things.



14 thoughts on “Update (01-04-2013)

  1. Elzard Hewie

    Just one question: Do you need a guy with photoshop skills ?
    As far as I’m aware the structure of the game’s interface (buttons, menues, options window etc.) is made of seperate pictures (.bmp, .jpg…). One picture is one button, another picture is a background with the game’s options naming etc. The translation of those texts is fast (perhaps 1 hour) but the image editing takes a lot of time. So if you translate those texts and just give me a .rar/.zip/.7z archieve with all the picture and a text file with the tranlsation + proper explanation which line on which file/place must be put – I will edit the images for you. What do you say ?

    The explanation is simple just put the name of the image file on the .txt file put ‘-‘ and then the ENG translation. Example:
    ksc_000453.bmp – Save Settings
    ksc_000452.bmp – Default
    If it’s a whole background image with a lot of lines (like the options panel) just make a copy of the image and use Microsoft Paint (in the start menu) to quickly put a number infront of each line and then in the .txt file type ex:
    ksc_000500.bmp ->
    1. Gamma
    2. Saturation
    3. Windowed/Fullscrean

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Hi there! The game’s settings screen indeed consists of mainly images, and the additional instructions at the bottom come from text files. It would be great if you could help out editing those images! However, I do not have the translation for them ready at the moment. I’ll try to contact you this weekend with the data. If you did not use your actual email address please drop me a message on basicvnlts@gmail.com about how I can contact you.

      1. Elzard Hewie

        Good 🙂
        Ok first my e-mail is real but do post here if you were not able to contact me. I’ll check this post regularly.
        Also just to make sure that I was able to explain myself properly in the upper post – we are talking about images that have Japanese kanji/hiragana/katakana [u]drawn[/u] on them and those Japanese lines must be somehow erased and replaced by the ENG translated text (which will be my job) right ?

        It doesn’t have to be only the settings screen. Every image, which has Japanese lines drawn on it and must be replaced by ENG text – you can send it to me. No matter how small or big.

      2. basicvntls Post author

        You explained yourself properly ;-), thanks. I’ve just sent you an email regarding the details, please let me know if there’s anything unclear.

  2. asd

    Instead of rushing, take your time polishing the translation. Thanks for your commitment to the community. 😉

    1. mxden

      Yeah, it’s not really about slowing down, or trying to keep a steady pace. The biggest hurdle is if you stop or get stuck. So many TLs fall through that way that it’s a shame. Cheers to your progress so far!

  3. zeihao

    I can completely get what do you say about.
    I played this game in original (with the help of vocabulary). And I always hated these …cking elections!

  4. acetatsujin

    Hello. I really want to help you out with anything related to PhotoShop, thou my time is really strained between two jobs. I love, love the anime series and I cannot wait to play the VN. I’m eager to know everything there is to know about all the routes. Please keep working on this steadily. We at BBT are looking forward to your release. If you need more help, you can ask Baka Tsuki and they will lend you more assistance on translation and editing.

    Thank you for all your hardwork and your time.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Hi acetatsujin!

      Thanks for your offer and I’m glad to hear you’re looking forward to it. Someone else just offered to help out with the photoshop work as well. Since there aren’t that many images to edit I do not think your help is needed at the moment. However, if the need arises, I’ll not hesitate to contact you :-).

  5. upapa

    wow!wow! by chance, I heard of this project. And I’ve found this site and I’ve been sooooo exited !!! I’ll cheer up this project from the bottom of my heart !! great work!

  6. anon

    Just finished the show, super pumped for this. Keep on pushing man, your work is goign to be awesome.

  7. Gaboabello

    I just wanted to thank you for picking this great Visual Novel. I Have been so eager to play it, but unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese. Thank you so much for making an effort to translate what im sure is a great game. Keep up the good work, We’re all cheering for you.


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