More new staff members

There’s some more good news to mention. linktriforce007 joined the team for the position of QC and Zebra-kun is going to translate Isara’s route, which both should speed up progress. For a full list of the current staff members please have a look at the project page.

I did make some progress myself in the meantime on Chisato’s route:
Common/First route (Chisato): 11415/~18398 lines translated.

Translation: 84/397 files
Insertion: 0/404 files.
Interface: Being worked on.

Update 10-06:  Upon further inspection of the game’s files I learned that there’s actually only 397 files that require translating rather than 404.


15 thoughts on “More new staff members

  1. kenshinsama

    I’m glad to see you’re expanding this much. ^^ Nice progress as usual too. Keep up the good work!

  2. NoName

    i am probably speaking about everyone when i say everyone is interested in satsuki route way more than isara good job on the team expanding regardless, best of luck

    1. basicvntls Post author

      That’s not the first time I’ve heard that indeed, quite a few people have expressed their interest in seeing Satsuki’s route translated. Currently I’m planning to do her route myself after finishing Chisato.

  3. lache12

    thacks for all th hard work and what are you planing to do when you finish this VS?

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Do you mean after this game or something else? Anyway, finishing Koichoco comes first and we’ll see after that… Although I do already have something in mind 😉

  4. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

    I wish you Good Luck Guyz!!!

    I do hope and pray for your speedy success!!!!

  5. lulu

    Good luck guys!! I just saw a few episodes of the anime and saw that there’s a VN about the game! I bet this will be awesome, thanks for your hard work!!


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