Update & Recruitment

The Koichoco project is currently still looking for translators interested in translating Michiru’s route. If you have experience translating and would like to work on Michiru’s route please leave a message in the comments or drop me a mail here. When applying please realize that it’s quite the commitment to translate a full route.

Partially due to the increase in staff members we’ve made slightly more progress:
Common/First route (Chisato): 12669/~18398 lines translated.

Translation: 101/397 files
Editing/QC ready: 2/397 files.
Interface: Being worked on.


10 thoughts on “Update & Recruitment

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  2. NoName

    Amazing work, good luck getting more translators. i know its quite lot of work but don’t give up , we’re counting on ya guys 🙂

  3. Yuusha

    good luck guys
    i really wanna play this game and there is lots of people that want too
    don’t give up!
    you can do it!

    1. basicvntls Post author

      We’re working on the PC version with no plans for the PSP edition. Don’t know why we’re suddenly getting linked as like we’re doing the PSP edition. It might be due to some of the site changes. I’ve updated the projects page to reflect the version we’re working on.


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