Update (11-07-2013)

Here’s a new update on our progress:
Common/First route (Chisato): 15327/~18398 lines translated.

Translation: 116/397 files
Editing: 105(?)/397 files.
QC: 10(?)/397 files.
Interface: Being worked on.

As for a note on editing/QC: Editing currently is at roughly 14000-14500 lines, which means eltony has almost caught up to my translation progress. We were unhappy with the earlier scripts and wanted to make a second pass over most of it before sending it off to QC. Once that second pass is done we can get started on QC and prepare for our first partial release.

I also have an update regarding staff: Toothdecay has joined us as a translator for Mifuyu’s route!


15 thoughts on “Update (11-07-2013)

  1. eltonyvn

    Well, I’m here to announce that I’ve caught up with basic just now. I will start on my second pass tomorrow.

  2. Satsuki is best girl

    I hope the translation is able to continue at this speed, really want Satsukis route!

    1. eltonyvn

      You’re wrong, Aomi is the best girl, there’s just nothing you can say that will make this untrue.

      1. Satsuki is best girl

        No no shes the SECOND best. pls dont quit this project.

  3. Compromise

    Keep it up guys! One of the few groups (that I know at least) that has good progress and isn’t MIA so much ❤

  4. Karuroso

    Thanks for the up guys! =D but I have to say the one now I’m most looking foward is Satsuki… blame the anime, they teased too much with her >_>

  5. anoni

    I know Japanese a bit and can play game in original, but my spoken English is too bad to do the translation.
    Satsuki’s route surprised me, Mifuyu’s was most soulful. I hope Michiru’s will be most surprising.


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