Status update (15-08-2013)

Due to some delays on my side QC can now get on it’s way, while In the meantime work has started on the next route(s):

Satsuki: 2232/8593
Isara: 1736/5919

Translation: 188/397 files
Editing: 129/397 files.
QC: 16/397 files.

Please note that Satsuki’s route has more lines because I also included a few branch scenes which you’ll come across when going for her route.


36 thoughts on “Status update (15-08-2013)

  1. Compromise

    Will you guys release a partial for Common + Chisato’s route? Or will it have more characters completed? Just wondering.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Yeah we’re working on a partial. But not all of that is in my hands at the moment so translation can continue in the meantime for other routes ^^

  2. kurahi

    Oh my, I’ve had my eyes checking this blog since the beginning of the project! Im so excited, is there anyway I can donate to this project etc.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      While I greatly appreciate the gesture there’s no need for any donations, nor will we ever take any. Your appreciation is enough 😉

  3. Jujujuju

    is this just a report update or are we able to download english patch of translated parts?

  4. TransAM

    great 🙂 umm, after you finish koichoco project, will you be translating imaimo? just asking, but i really wanted to play imaimo. well good luck

    1. basicvntls Post author

      We haven’t decided yet which project we’ll be doing after Koichoco. And this one’ll still take a while so there’s plenty of time to decide ^^

      1. sawada

        please after this i hope you translating imaimo, i beg you! m(_ _)m


      currently translating imaimo here… (not english though) Ayumu route almost done, may be the next 2 weeks…

  5. dokico

    Awesome, thanks for working on the project.
    Koichoco, Shin Koihime Musou and Amagami are the 3 VNs that I hope to get translated

  6. Satsuki a best girl too bad no sensei route

    One of the many VN’s I am waiting for. Thanks for the frequent updates!

    1. Virzixi

      I’ve already waited for a few patches. In my experience, if work is completed within a year, something is off!

  7. mc4962963

    Hello,I’m a chinese.My people translates so slowly that i look forward to your patch.Good luck to you !

  8. jas123

    If you want a translation project take over the final route for Dracu-riot. The translator is dropping the project and looking for someone to take over. But it’s up to you if you want to.

  9. somezebra

    Hi guys.
    I’m Zebra-kun, a noisy translator of the Isara route.
    If you’re a fan of the Monogatari series, then you’re lucky. I’m going to translate the latest chapter, ‘Ougi Formula’ as a side project. The first chapter will be coming soon.
    Follow for updates.

    I hope you’re okay with this, Basic.

  10. Martin

    thanks for all the work you guys are doing i have been waiting to play this, and the sole fact that you are doing this gets me excited keep up the good work


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