Status update (02-10-2013)

It’s actually been a while since the last status update, sorry about that. Most of the staff have been busy lately so unfortunately we haven’t made that much progress in September, which means we’ll need some more time for a partial patch. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t made any progress at all. See below for the latest status:

Common/First route (Chisato): 18398/~18398 lines translated.
Satsuki: 5077/8593
Isara: 2440/5919

Translation: 227/397 files
Editing: 132/397 files.
QC: 39/397 files.

P.S. for those who haven’t been here since the last update, the site has been slightly reorganized and you can now always find the latest progress on the projects page.


27 thoughts on “Status update (02-10-2013)

  1. victorcalegari

    kkkkk Thank you very much. I fixed this tab so i can check the status updates everyday. =D

  2. Virzixi

    I don’t really care when partial patches come out, I’ll wait for the whole thing to be done. I want to be able to select choices as mood hits me, without having to worry about getting to an untranslated route.

    But what I care about are the status updates, the monthly reporting is great! It’s a wonderful way of telling people stumbling upon this site that the project is active. I remember seeing some projects with last update more than 10 months old and wondering whether they were alive. I prefer monthly updates so much! Even if the report would be “Sorry guys, we got delayed and no progress was made.” the mere fact that someone would take the time and effort to write it every month again and again would mean that the project would not be dead.

    So keep up the good work, good luck with the rest of the project. And thanks for the updates.

      1. Virzixi

        His math seems okay, if you ask me. 🙂
        5077/8593 lines translated is indeed over 50% translation progress. Not to mention already translated common route lines, which are not included in that count. Including them would increase the percentage.

        He seems to be forgetting about editing and QC though, so the overall progress is nowhere near. But hey, he mentioned translation progress in his post.

  3. Juan

    Thanks for translating this amazing visual novel. Your work is appreciated, Hope you release the translation patch soon 😀

  4. chris

    Thanks for your hard work! Would love to hear a status report on how things are going currently!

    1. basicvntls Post author

      So it’s already been nearly two weeks since this update. There will most likely be an actual update either late this week or somewhere next week. In short: translation of Satsuki’s route has breached 6000 lines and editing has started on the route as well.

  5. Alex

    wow you guys are doing really great and with such speed. Can’t wait to get your patch when it come 🙂

    1. Alex

      Not that I recall any prevision, but usually don’t you want to release a partial patch and let people see if there are any coding/translation mistakes? 😮

      1. Yuki-tan

        Well… I really want to play this game in english (Since i cannot speak japanese) and theres a lot of translators of visual novels that release an parcial patch, so i was thinking if they will release any… I want an parcial patch because i can’t wait for the release of the full patch >w< I don't think that they will let much errors on the coding/translation, since i can't speak japanese i will barely see any errors ^^;

    2. basicvntls Post author

      No, we haven’t given a date for a partial yet. Unfortunately we strayed from my original plan and all I can currently say is that we’re still planning to do a partial but we’re not sure when it’ll be ready. As said by Alex it’s nice to have a partial out so people can get a feel of the translation and it’s quality. It’s also a good way to fix bugs that we didn’t catch during QC.

  6. Vigor

    Take your time translators, i (and i bet all of us too) don’t mind waiting, we’re just glad to know that the project is not dead..
    Seriously, i thought that the project has been stopped (because there’s no update for over a month)~


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