February update

Sorry for the late update but there just isn’t much to report. After our (failed) rush for a partial patch in December we took a short break last month. Translation has been continuing at the usual pace though, there’s a possibility that 3 routes will be finished before our first patch is released.

Here’s last month’s progress:

Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Isara: 4181/5919
Mifuyu: 2841/5425
Michiru: 4409/6547

Translation: 325/397 files
Editing: 181/397 files
QC: 107/397 files


28 thoughts on “February update

      1. Zebra-kun

        >Isara: 4181/5919
        >Mifuyu: 2841/5425

        >skipping a lot of lines
        >at least 1340 lines away from your rival
        >gonna be done first

        You can say that again.

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  2. Taro Tanaka

    well, I just want to know. how the progress in re-editing chisato route. in the post its only say about 181/397 which is I don’t know which files is chisato route.

      1. basicvntls Post author

        The re-edit is not specifically included in the update post and it’s also the reason why the edit number hasn’t changed the last few months. Chisato’s route is 133 files. Once they’re all QC-ed we’ll have to apply the suggestions and then proofread before we can publish a partial.

  3. lulyyyyyy

    Thanks all for your hard work! Nothing wrong with a break every now and then, your efforts totally deserve it 😀 I love how this project’s status is periodically being update so we could know what’s happening, really appreciate it cuz some other projects are almost like they’re abandoned ;A;

  4. Rua

    Sorry I haven’t read up much about the game, found website by chance today, quick question, does Sensei get any scenes, route, ANY FORM OF THE TENDER LOVE SHE DESERVES? Thanks, and thanks translator/translators and everyone else involved in the project.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      I’d like to avoid spoilers on this blog for the people who are new to the game but I can at least say she doesn’t have her own route. The routes in our posts are all the routes.

      1. bearchaosjam

        It’s okay, just give it a couple years and we’ll get Koichoco S, complete with a Hazuki-sensei, Non-chan, and Oboro route.

  5. TransAM

    Nice work as always guys 😀 , i don’t want to give you guys more pressure but did you hear anything about Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm by sprite? it would be good if you guys translate it… well anyway good luck and stay healthy everyone


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