It’s finally here

About two and a half months later we can now present you with our group’s first partial patch. This patch for Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (PC) will translate the game’s initial playthrough (Common + Chisato) and the game’s interface. You should not run into any Japanese text if you start with a fresh install. (You can delete the files in SystemSaveData if you want a fresh start). The patch is considered a BETA release and while we’re happy with the overall quality it may still contain typos and other minor mistakes.

Patch versions & OP

We’re releasing two versions of the patch. The original version and a modified “All-ages” version, which has the explicit scenes removed and some minor CG changes. You’re free to choose whichever version you’d like to use.

Apart from the different versions we’ll also provide a separate download for the game’s OP. You’re free to download this file and copy it to your game’s root directory where the game will automatically use it in-game. We’re offering it as a separate download due to its size and video quality. The hardsubbed version is of lower quality and people might choose to view the OP in its full glory. If you want to see the subbed version on youtube you can click here.

Along with the patch’s release I’d also like to mention our IRC channel: #BasicTranslations @ You can find us there if you a have comments or questions about the patch.

Download & Requirements
– The patch requires an unpatched Japanese version of “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate”
– Roughly 600MB of free disk space
– Please note that while the installers will make backup files it’s strongly advised to make a backup of your game first.

Here are the download links:

*UPDATE*: The full patch has now been released.

Partial patch (18+)
Partial patch (All ages)
Opening movie (Place this file in your Koichoco installation directory)

– Partial (18+)
– Partial (All ages)
– Opening movie

We ask that you do not distribute our patch with any illegal versions of the game. Thank you for your cooperation.

P.S.: Have a look at the FAQ page first if you have any questions.

Thanks to all the staff for all the hard work and time they put into the making of this patch!


170 thoughts on “It’s finally here

  1. DarkElbony

    this patch only contain Common/Chisato route only or Common/Chisato, Satsuki, and Michiru??

    because i see at
    Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
    Satsuki: 8334/8334
    Michiru: 6547/6547
    Isara: 5717/5919
    Mifuyu: 4000/5425

    and when i post this message, i see a retweet by basic translation (on the right side of this web) said
    “Isara route translation is 100%!
    Retweeted by Basic Translations” (2h ago)

    that mean
    Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
    Satsuki: 8334/8334
    Michiru: 6547/6547
    Isara: 5919/5919
    Mifuyu: 4000/5425

    if it only a partial (not full) when the complete patch will release? (just according your prediction is okay)

    sorry for long comment and bad english

    1. basicvntls Post author

      The patch indeed only contains common + Chisato. While the rest may be translated now it doesn’t mean the text was/is ready yet for a public patch. It’ll need to go through editing, QC, and proofreading first before we consider it release worthy.

    2. eltonyvn

      What Basic said was an excuse. We’re withholding all the translated routes from the general public because we want to keep all that sweet translation juice to ourselves.

  2. Rastanatsta

    Amazing job guys! The attention to detail is amazing! Envious of your talent for this stuff. 🙂

  3. Steve

    is this translation only cover for common/chisato route? how about the other route? is it still on japaneese text?

  4. Erik

    What is KSC-Scripts.cct for, and how do you use it? I’m kinda lost here.. a reply would be really appreciated.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      What is your issue? Are you having a word wrapping issue? (Text wraps back at like 20% of the text box). In that case you should install our patch over a fresh Koichoco install.

  5. Jake

    I did a fresh install of koichoco and applied the patch, the text is still pushed into a little corner on the left any idea how to fix this?

  6. Bryan

    Hi, my game is just a black screen after the opening movie. If i press the X on the top right it still reacts asking whether or not I want to close the game or not. Anyone able to give me some technical support?

      1. Bryan

        Hi sorry, I fixed the problem. I had to delete the opening movie after I started the game before it starts playing. It didn’t work regardless of it being yours or the original opening movie.

  7. MDruidd

    keep the spirit.,
    move again, I will be happy to wait 🙂
    little longer to be completed

  8. VXAce

    I think this might be easier to understand for those having the formatting issues. From my experience a “fresh install” for this game is not just a new install but an unopened one. So after installing the game do not launch the game (not even to put in the CD code), install the patch, then open up the game. Hope that helps. Do note that if you change the font and don’t read what Chisato (is that Chisato?) says then the text will go under the menu items.

    Enjoy! Also, Aomi best girl~

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Just to let you know: We’ll try to support both versions of the game (or at least detect which version is installed) in our installer for the final patch.

  9. Tyson

    Hello, I have a problem with the patch. After I downloading and installing either of the patches, this message pops up after I start the game:
    I have run the game both normally and as administrator. The game worked fine without the patch. Could somebody please help me out?

      1. Tyson

        I copied the file into the folder, and it is translated and works now (Thanks very much for the patch and all the work put into it, by the way). However, the text is forced the the left? It does not bother me that much as I can still read most of it, and if I can’t I can just go to the log, but how exactly could I fix this?

      2. Tyson

        That seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks so much for all your help! Good luck on translating the rest, we’ll all be patiently waiting 🙂

  10. donisehat

    hello,i already played chisato route and i’m really enjoy it.thanks and good luck with the rest of translating!i will wait your complete patch >_<

      1. eltonyvn

        Reported to the FBI. Expect a knock on your door sometime soon. You won’t escape this time Davy Jones.

      2. FBI GUY

        Thnx eltony, you really helped us out there. The merchant navy can sleep assured now!

  11. Lol1

    I have a problem with the game, I try to start it and a message appears saying “?????????????”, and if i click one of the options it takes me to a page asking to install adobe shockwave. WTF??? What do I do lol. This happens regardless of whether I run it on admin mode or not

    Note: I’m on windows 8.1 64 bit

    1. basicvntls Post author

      This sounds like a local issue. You should set-up your computer to run under Japanese local settings. I’ve replied to your mail about where you can start if you want to adjust your settings.

      1. Ringocygnus

        I’ve been able to run the game both in Locale Japanese and also with applocale (on vista) without problems. I do think that locale Japanese is the better option for windows 8 users though.

  12. Praeliator

    Keep up the great work team! Man I remember 2 years back when this project started just as a one-man team, translating to improve his Japanese and look at this project now, a fully-assembled and dedicated team and the translation is complete! Man how time flies…

    Other than that, I really respect you guys for being this dedicated to the project, most projects that I know of just stop posting news and drop the project altogether.

  13. chito

    Hi there. first of all thanks for doing the patch guys you are awesome. I have a doubt, im playing it but there are not options, just the first and the second after that the game is just reading is it a issue of my game or is it normal??? i-ve reinstaled the game but its the same…

    1. basicvntls Post author

      That’s correct, the first playthrough has less options and is locked in Chisato’s route. That’s by the game’s design, and not by us. After you finish her route the other routes become available.

  14. jesterthewriter

    Alright so I finally figured out the complicated installations for this, and it started working. Then when I went to install the patch and started the game I had something pop up saying “KSC-Scripts.cct” and then a bunch of japanese after that. Then it closes when I hit okay, I tried Admin but the same result happen

      1. jesterthewriter

        I figured the issue out I skipped a step by mistake, now the only issue I see is the text cuts off half way and goes to the next line. But I can’t wait for this to be fixed and the story fully translated I instantly fell in love with Michiru and Isara 🙂

  15. Iosefka

    Hi! Can you please help me. Where can i download the unpatched PC game? Been browsing the net for over an hour, cant find anything 😦

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  20. Ernovace

    A bit too late, but can I get some mirror? Both the file hosting sites are banned in my country 😦

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  22. Eremes Guile

    I just finished watching the anime itself.. and my friend is right, the anime isn’t good and the VN is much better. that’s why i’m here, tho common and chisato is patched the others aren’t right..? i was kinda hoping to play the other routes since chisato’s route didn’t satisfy me..

    if you guys still continuing the patch please reply, if not still please reply so i wont hope for it lol

    thank you for the hard work you guys did at that partial patch.

    1. O'Nyanmaru-sama

      According to our dear translators the patch should be finished before New Year, is what I should say, but we all hope it gonna get released this month, so yes, I guess the project is alive.

    1. olek

      Solved. Cost me few hours, damn. Need to set up proper locale in Windows 10. Its hidden in the administration tab that forces next to reboot. Applocale emulation do not work for this game.

  23. Razor1Name

    Bug to report! On the Kiba Mifuyu route. After the first kiss scene the text started displaying the names in japanese, and also a small edit error in the said scene.

  24. BadDayXIII

    Thanks for the hardwork guys 😀
    So many good characters without route in this game =(
    I would like Non-chan, the 2 monkeys and the journalist girl route T v T


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