Back to business

With our partial out it’s back to the usual business. This means that re-editing/QC for Chisato’s route has been completed and we can move on with the other routes.

On the translation side we’ve completed Michiru’s route and another one is really close. You’ll find the exact numbers below.

Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5717/5919
Mifuyu: 4000/5425

Translation: 389/397 files
Editing: 181/397 files
QC: 133/397 files

Update: Fixed an error in the number of files translated.


56 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. SieghartXx

    Mafuyu… Soon >_<
    I'm always impressed at the pace you guys go at, keep up the good work <3!

    1. immobilienkreditrechner

      Thanks much for this ap. FYI: Your blogger page doesn’t work with Opera browser; links not active (installer, comments), and there’s some sort of Google error at the bottom of the page.

  2. alec

    You guys are so fast! Looks like i’m going to get with Mifuyu soon 🙂 BIG THANK YOU AND GOOD JOB

  3. satsuki a best gril

    aw yeeee, I still havent finished Chisatos route just because shes really annoying and I already know what happens, but now I have reason to! Satsuki almost dooooooooooone!!

  4. jesterthewriter

    So looking forward to this novel, I’m very impressed with the rate you guys work at. Keep up the good work. ~Jester~

  5. Mario

    Wow…thank you guys!!! You’re the best!!! At this rate, it’s better to release all the routes completed than a second partial patch. I’m looking forward to play Satsuki route. Another big thank you!!! ^_^

  6. kievnstavick

    Keep up the work guys! I can’t wait for a full translation and all the other routes to be do able.

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  8. ReeDRodent

    Its unrelated to the translation but can someone help: allways when i save the game then shut down pc my save disapears.How can i fix it?

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Does the save appear in your “SaveData” folder before you shut down? If not you might not have write persmissions on the drive where your game is at. In that case try running the game as administrator and see if that helps.

      1. ReeDRodent

        Well just now i checked savedata folder and its empty:((.Any way to fix it?And i always run the game as admin so i dont know why it wont save.

      2. basicvntls Post author

        But does the save appear on the save/load screen right after you saved? Make sure you are running the game in Japanese locale and you could also try running in compatibility mode. If your game is installed in a long folder path another option worth trying is to install the game in a shorter path (say C:\Koichoco for example).

      3. ReeDRodent

        Thanks for the tips and my save does apear after i saved.I will try runing in compatibility with xp(i use win7).

  9. Owmxxks

    Quick question on the Extras feature on the main menu: When does it unlock? After I finish Chisato’s route?
    I really want to check out the CG and Replay gallery.

      1. Owmxxks

        Whaaat?? For real? That’s a really dumb design choice if you ask me.
        Locking the extras at the very beginning of the game I can understand, but keeping it locked until you’ve completed everything? Wtf!

        I guess I can just make separate save states at every CG or event I come across, but still!

  10. Yaiser

    I’ve read FAQ and to avoid encountering japanese text, I have to delete the save which I did.The question is,can I access other character route beside Chisato because I can’t play other character’s storyline.Any way how to work this out?

    1. basicvntls Post author

      You can access the other character routes after completing Chisato at least once. Another feature of the original game. Of course those routes will still be in Japanese.

      1. jesterthewriter

        Well that’s a bummer, I really don’t have an interest in Chisato she was the last one I was planning on reading.

  11. Erohunter

    Well I Must say, This VN Art not very Good beside character or CG, But the story interesting, so Keep it Up, i will waiting for complete this Patch And Thanks guys For Translate This VN, Arigatou Gonzaimasu ^_^

  12. Jesari

    Have you guys thought about another partial patch or are you gonna wait till it’s all finished?

      1. Jesari

        Just asking if we can get any new info about that now, or then i missed something major.

      2. basicvntls Post author

        It hasn’t been long since the patch was released and there’s no new info on that. For now we’d like to work on the remaining routes. If there’s info to be shared that everyone needs to know it’ll be in the main posts ^^.

  13. Yuki-tan

    Michiru route done!!! ❤ Finally! Basic Translations, I have a question, do you have already a game planned to translate when you finish KoiChoco? If not can you translate Imaimo? I have read 4 chapters of the manga and I liked it so much, and Imaimo is pratically a parent story to KoiChoco so I was wondering, will you translate?

    1. basicvntls Post author

      For now we like to finish Koichoco first. It’s highly unlikely we’ll share any info about our next project before Koichoco is finished. There’s still lots of work left to be done ^_-.

  14. satsuki a best gril

    Dont know if this was posted before, but is there any chance you could hack an option to do fullscreen but keep the aspect ratio? If theres already a way to do this and I missed it, Im sorry.

    1. satsuki a best gril

      or even an option to make the text bigger, because I have a hard time reading, though this is a selfish request and I dont expect either of these to implemented at all, just asking.

      1. eltonyvn

        Just change the resolution of your desktop to something 4:3. screen 1 has a 4:3 aspect ratio like this and it should work. This behavior comes from a screen setting which forces widescreen output. So either play with your screen settings, as in the settings you can change without turning on the computer or by changing the aspect ratio with your screen resolution setting.

  15. Dronix

    Can someone please help me find where to buy the game? I have an illegas version, But I want to buy an original copy, but cant find a site where i can buy it. Please help?

    1. eltonyvn

      First off you’ll need to decide which version you’re going to buy. There’s three hardcopy versions you can get. There’s the First Press, Regular and TV Memorial editions all of which have different packages. I’d recommend the TV Memorial edition since it’s on sale with 25% off and therefore it is by far the cheapest. It also comes with some cool stuff you won’t get in the other editions. Have you decided yet? Well I just decided for you, just get the TV memorial edition, it’s cheap and has lots of cool stuff in it (see Click the link below and admire the product you’re going to purchase (included the other editions for stubborn people).

      TV Memorial:
      First Press:
      Regular edition:

      Now you realise that you just can’t get Amazon Japan to ship to you in your respective country. How are we going to solve this one?! It’s pretty simple actually. There’s a company in Japan that takes your order and sends it right to your doorstep. Isn’t that swell? Just check the instructions on their site on how to use their site.

      Good luck and have fun with your purchase!

      1. Dronix

        Thank you so much for taking your time and providing all of this useful info. Ill follow your advice and get the memorial edition. Thanks a lot!

  16. Diamondketo

    So you guys don’t do incomplete patch releases?

    Which is you release whatever you got done every day/week(s) no matter how incomplete it is.


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