Future Plans

We initially played with the thought of finishing the Baldr Sky translation but we decided against it. Our future should be in a new direction, a revolutionary one.

We started this translation project because of the great experience we had playing it and we wanted to share this experience with the English-speaking world. We hope that those of you who have already played through our partial patch had an enjoyable time and we will strive to bring the entire translation to you soonish.

Almost the entire staff has played through the entire game and while it was a great story we felt something was lacking. Missed opportunities, lazy writing and poor directorial decisions, these are some of the things we saw when we played through this game. Even though this game is a solid 8 we think it could have been a 10 if a few small things were different.

As you might have noticed we released an all-ages version which cuts out the erotic content of the game, but this was only a practice run and the beginning of something great. The overwhelming success (as seen in the download numbers) made us believe that we’re able to correct these imperfections. And so we have decided that once we finish our translation we’ll fulfill the true potential of this game.

For example it was pretty easy to see that the current heroines aren’t really the stars of the show, two other characters are the real prize. So the first significant change will be the addition of two original routes with one starring Oboro and the other being Hazuki. This is only the beginning and we will change a significant amount about this game to make it as good as it can be.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about this idea and that you will support us in our future plans.

-the staff

Update: Naturally, this was just an April Fools’ Day joke and you shouldn’t take any of this seriously. 


51 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. Compromise

    I’m not too sure, but does this mean you guys are writing the scripts yourself? :O

  2. Owmxxks

    Ohhhhh I get what this is.
    You sly bastards really had me confused for a second there.

  3. ill never make an account satsuki sitll best teacher a second best

    Itd be so great if it wasent April First you fuckers

    TL NOTE: Read in Lewis Black voice

      1. Tokko

        you had me going for a minute then i saw the date and got a good laugh out of it

  4. Tempest

    You know.. now that i think about it you guys really should do the Baldr Sky translation >.> i have been dying to play that Visual novel for such a long time and well the translation group behind it really haven’t said anything about it in forever 😦

  5. ByReder

    I just finished Chisato route and i can’t wait to play other routes, can you tell how long take for other patch release? Thanks for your all your work.

    1. basicvntls

      Good to hear that you’re looking forward to it. We don’t have a date or an estimate yet for our next release. There’s still lots of work to be done so please bear with us in the meantime.

      1. ByReder

        The true is his route is the least i have desire to play, but i resist and wait forward to the next release.

  6. mr f

    Do I need to complete Chisato’s route to unlock others? Because I’m always thrown into her route, no matter the choices.

    1. elx

      I’m fairly certain that’s the case, yea. I attempted to skip through the game once I suspected I was locked into Chisato’s route since I was curious and after going through the credits and restarting the game, I started running into more choices and untranslated sections on the second run.
      Pretty sure you have to do Chisato’s route first but does anyone know whether the order is Chisato -> Heroine B -> Heroine C -> … or whether it’s Chisato -> everyone else?

      1. krowknow

        IIRC you’re free to do all the other routes once you’ve completed the Chisato route.

  7. elx

    Do you have any plans about what to include in the next patch? By that I mean will you put together a patch once all work on Satsuki’s route is dealt with (which is what I’m hoping for) or would it have to wait until more things are sorted out?

  8. mr f

    Just finished Chisato’s route, can’t wait for the full patch (or next partial?(Michiru plox)).
    To Basic Translations staff: thank you for your hard work on the translation, Good job, guys! I’d love to help, but unfortunately I have no skills to back my words up 😦

      1. basicvntls

        Sorry to disappoint you but we are really not going to do Baldr Sky. We only picked that game for this post to make it slightly believable, no worshiping for us 😉

      1. elx

        Miyako’s route (which I’m pretty sure is the last untranslated “major” route) has been stuck at 85% for at least over a year I think. I doubt they’re currently doing anything with it. We’re getting these translation patches for free so I’m never going to complain or demand for stuffs but still… 85%… it’s incredibly frustrating to see the translation dies there… not to mention that it’s the route I want to do the most, too.

    1. jason

      someone called kosuna and his friend you can find the thread dedicated to it on fuwanovel its titled majikoi miyako route translation though its kind of hard to find specific info on the progress of the patch due to the thread kind of decending in to off topic talk but the last update i saw miyako was at roughly 50% conmplete and agave something close to that it would probaly be best just to ask on the thread there are some guys on there who are in contact with kosuna and could probaly tell you.

      1. Ringocygnus

        The English I’ve seen in that thread is absolutely atrocious though, so unless they plan to actually find a competent editor… (And they are unlikely to ever find one on a platform like Fuwanovel) I doubt it’ll be a release worth reading. Maybe Takajun will one day arise from the grave and finish it, seems more likely to me than them finishing and releasing readable product. We’ll see.

      2. jason

        kosuna the one who translating has only ever posted one message on that thread so i dont think the quality of english on it is really much of an issue and im pretty sure another friend of kosuna’s is doing the editing please stop being pessimistic over nothing

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