April update

It’s been a while since the last update. Let me start by saying that some people might be expecting our full patch too soon. While I can’t (and won’t) give any ETA it’ll still take us a long time to complete our full patch. Yes you read it right, we will go straight for the full patch and won’t publish any more partial patches, for Koichoco at least.

Our editor will go on a 2 month trip soon which naturally means we will barely have any editing progress during that time (if any at all). That said we didn’t sit on our hands the last few weeks, here’s our progress report:

Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5919/5919
Mifuyu: 4000/5425

Translation: 390/397 files
Editing: 208/397 files
QC: 133/397 files


60 thoughts on “April update

  1. elx

    That’s a shame…
    Just out of curiosity, what’s the reasoning behind only releasing a full patch at this point? Does it take time to put together a patch or something?

    1. lostmynic

      nah it doesn’t take too long but we’re following in the footsteps of our good friends at staircase subs and not releasing best girl route, you’ll just have to live with worst girl for now.

    2. basicvntls Post author

      It’s because partials indeed take time and we’d like to focus on getting the full release out instead of being “sidetracked”.
      P.S. don’t mind the two comments above me.

  2. Owmxxks

    Whaaatt?? No more partial patches?! My initial knee jerk reaction is to go on a long rant about this but immediately afterwards I realized how horribly entitled I’d sound.

    So I’ll just say this: While I might not agree with this decision, I’ll respect you guys as a group’s right to make it.
    And as always, I’ll be looking forward to the next update.

    Guess I’ll just have to find another VN to distract myself with in the meantime while I wait…

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Thanks for saving us your rant ^^. Maybe I should have brought it up more tactfully, but you can see part of our reasoning in my comment above. The partial for Chisato was needed for us to get experience with patching and getting our audience (you) familiar with our translation. More partials would slow down a full release even more.

  3. SK

    Damn i really wanted to play Satsuki’s route. oh well although i have to say Owmxxks stated my opinion really well. minus the urge to go on rant but yeah. looking forward to i guess i’m just gonna have go on a gaming spree instead

  4. BaguetteReader

    Well, I understand how they feel. But don’t worry comrade, it’s nearly our time.
    And of course, thank you for all this hard work. I will be waiting for the full patch.

  5. voltageee

    The editor going away won’t affect the TL progress though, right? Would be nice to get it 100% translated soon, even if the full patch won’t be coming out for a while 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  6. Gladiator49

    I’m an inpatient asshole and to me it seems a waste that the patch will be months away even though you translators are almost done. So I pose the question as to why you don’t just try to find another editor? By no means do I mean drop the current one but why not pick up another? If you guys plan to translate future VN’s surely having more editors will be a beneficial thing as it will help you speed up the release of patch’s. Also I just want to note I’m not trying to be a dick to the editor because I understand that people need time off but like I said it just seems a waste that the patch will be quite a ways off while I’m assuming everybody else on the team is almost done.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      One of the reasons we don’t have more editors for a single game is because we think it won’t improve the final result. Even if you set uniform standards the styles will most likely differ causing a different reading experience. Especially since we have multiple translators the editor has a main role in making sure the writing style is the same across the whole game.

      1. Gladiator49

        Well seeing other groups translate to great standards with multiple editors cast doubt about the decision in my mind but I appreciate the response no the less basicvntls. Eltonyvn I see that I’m not the only asshole around here. I just wanted to humbly apologize to you your highness for my grammatical error, I am but a peasant and cannot match the standards of royal blood such as yourself.

      2. Gladiator49

        Inb4 you take the piss out of my next grammatical error. Well it further reinforces the fact that I’m but a commoner so it should make you feel better. I’m glad to have been of amusement. I may think you’re an asshole but you do good work none the less so I have to respect you for that. I’ll be going now before I fuck up again. Will be looking forward to the final patch regardless of how long it takes to release.

  7. Recc42

    i think you are already doing an amazing job, so its alright to wait a bit more for the full deal :D… thanks for all the hard work!

  8. Alvinofelix

    Wow! just looking at the translation progess make me excited! I can not wait anymore!!
    Keep Move On Guys! sorry i can only say “Do You Best” [ Sorry if my english bad Because I’m not from Enlish XD]

  9. satsuki a best gril

    Thanks for the update dudes. Dont worry about the patch cause Dark Souls 2 PC release is tomorrow.

  10. doripto.

    i was hoping if there was another partial (can’t wait to play satsuki’s route), but if you guys decide to make full realease then i can’t do anything but waiting. 😥

  11. Zunaid Ahmed

    Hope u guys release the final patch before the summer vacation ends……really wanna play this VN after watching the anime. OR I would have to go through the jap version without understanding 50% of the story line. what a bummer…..

    1. Ringocygnus

      Don’t watch the anime, the anime adaption is commonly seen are pretty bad. The VN is a lot better, I think you’ll be better off waiting.

    1. MXCER94

      yeah i have enough of her in the anime, and now i have to play her route to unlock others?! WTF!

    2. basicvntls Post author

      Unfortunately it’s game design to have her route first (non-optional). We do not intend to find a way to change this behavior, but if you really want you could get a complete save or a save which has Chisato’s route completed.

      1. MXCER94

        really appreciate if someone would share the complete save file..

  12. kamenrider ziw

    there are much of untold story in anime that adapted to vn such as, little busters, clannad, , air, blaze blue, especially ef tales series. so i think you should played chisato route first, and you’ll see there are much of side that you won’t see in the anime (especially the H one :D).so i’ll guarantee you all, chisato’s route is fun to played ^__^.

  13. Mario

    Seems, that lot of people (including me of course ^_^) are waiting to fu…ehm…play Satsuki’s route lol! I think at this time it’s better to release a full patch than a second one, so next time we’ll be playing not only Satsuki but every heroine without the “risk” to encounter japanese lines. Very nice job people…lot of translators (cough..Majikoi/S/A…cough) must take your example and finish the project instead than start and leave. Good luck, you’re wonderful. And i hope to hear more from you after this project ^_^

  14. jack

    you guys are honestly way ahead than i would have thought. a 2 month delay won’t even be noticeable.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Easy there, it hasn’t been that long since our April update. There needs to be at least something to report ;). Maybe I should use a different name for our monthly updates so it doesn’t get confused with an exact monthly update.

  15. edge

    Just wanna ask; it seems to me that editing is the most time consuming in any translation projects and fansubbing. Is that true??

    Godspeed !!

      1. Zebra-kun

        What Tony says. It’s pretty difficult for translators to make beautiful sentences all by themselves.
        (Which is also the reason why I’m people of translators like js06 and Spyro.)

  16. Mr. meogii

    You guys have been working hard. Glad to see that.!
    Can’t wait for the full release

  17. mrwpq

    Is there likely to be a june update or has your editor not had enough free time to warrant one?.

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Sorry for the lack of updates. Part of the reason can be blamed on me for slacking. I’ll try to get one out soon to let you know where we stand.

  18. Zebra-kun

    For those of you who are asking for a June update, nothing’s most likely gonna happen.
    Also, I’ll leave this here.

    Now go watch the World Cup or go stargazing.

  19. rubytyr

    Best of wishes to the TL team, and enjoy your summer 😀

    btw – would watching the anime adaptation spoil much of the VN? thought about watching it, but don’t want to have too much revealed~


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