Not much of an update

It’s been a while since the last update. Main reason for the delay being the (announced) absence of our editor and other staff members either finished their share of the work or had a busy RL schedule. There isn’t much to report on the progress side of things so I’ve left out the progress stats but I do want to address some questions we’ve received over time about the PSP version.

Let me start by saying that we currently do not have any plans to port our patch for Koichoco to the PSP version. We’ve actually looked into the possibilies but concluded that there is more manual work involved than it’s worth the effort. For example lines are split up to fit into the smaller text area and some are rewritten to honor the reduced age rating.

I’m not saying never because plans might change if there’s someone willing to do all that manual labor for us, but for now it’s off the hook.

That’s all for now. Our progress should pick back up somewhere in the second half of the summer.


39 thoughts on “Not much of an update

  1. Snow24

    Just glad to see you guys back. I can’t wait to play 😀 keep up the good work

  2. Banana Boy The Chicken Chaser

    How would I go about downloading this when it is fully translated?

    1. Zebra-kun

      Not done yet. As in it’s been translated a while ago, but the editor hasn’t really touched it yet. He’ll get to it soon.
      Just prepare a bagful of tomatoes when he comes back.

  3. Tohsaka

    Thanks so much for translating this for us! Is there anyway I’d be able to donate to you guys?

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Thanks for the offer, but we’re doing this because we enjoy it. We do not plan to accept any kind of donations. Releasing a patch which everyone can enjoy is good enough for us ^^.

  4. teehee

    is the satsuki route 100% translated? cause all i see is japanese texts, i hope u can help me on dis matter thank you in advance ^_^

  5. Mykorrhiza

    Ohh, that’s nice. You are nearly finished. I started this game years ago trying with ITH and stuff but well.. nothing beats a real translation (finished not even one route). I’m looking forward to it! Many thanks in advance and don’t let people rush you, a few weeks or months more waiting won’t kill anyone. 😀

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Where did you get that number from? I don’t remember ever giving a percentage. But you can calculate it yourself from the previous update post. It’s not 98% in any case.

  6. Rico Salamente

    Thank you guys for your hard work! Can’t wait to play the other routes! Thanks!

  7. Evan

    Does anyone get the problem where the text cuts off in the middle and starts a new line? I tried looking around but I couldn’t find anything. If anyone has the solution, please share! 🙂

    1. Evan

      Never mind, I found the solution myself! I had the incorrect KCT-Scripts.cct file, changing it solved my problem. If anyone else has the same problem, try what I did.

      1. Yuukei

        What file did you change it with? I’m having the same problem as you did

    1. basicvntls Post author

      Glad to hear that you managed to solve your issue. You’re not the first reporting this issue. We’ll try to support both versions in our full patch.

  8. French Tom

    Do you plan to translate Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! who’s linked to Koichoco ?

  9. acetatsujin

    You guys are almost there, please don’t give up. I want to play this game very, very badly. Thank you for all your hardwork. I mean it.

  10. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

    Almost there!!

    Keep up the good work guys!!

    I’ll be waiting for the full patch!!!

  11. sapi

    if any of you dont mind, would anybody care to answer my question?
    i still confused about yuuki’s manifest, in translation engine it’s explained as “20%” and i have no clue about that.
    is anyone kind enough to tell me what’s yuuki’s manifest? im too lazy to play the whole game just to find the truth ^^

    1. lostmynic

      you’re being too vague… which route do you mean? the only route i think yuuki actually releases a manifesto of sorts is in aomi’s route. if you mean chisato’s route then he just makes a campaign promise involving an 80% policy that exists in the school.

      1. sapi

        and why is that bothering the EX-student council who used to give help him to turned his back againts yuuki?

      2. lostmynic

        *SPOILERS* the 80% policy basically gives the organization mentioned a near monopoly on funds given to the clubs and everyone in the student council is afraid of challenging it for unspecified reasons, though they probably either saw what happened to people who tried to challenge it or were threatened themselves.

  12. Himeko

    wow i’m surprise your still updating this. hehe I see that its 98% i’ll be sure to play it when its done thanks guys keep up the good work 🙂


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