October Koichoco update

After getting some work done in the second half of summer we unfortunately slowed down after that. Eltony had to focus on RL studies (who can blame him?) and thus editing basically came to a standstill. Also, it doesn’t look like things will ease up on his side any time soon.

I know you’re all eagerly awaiting the final patch, but at this pace it’ll still take a while. My advice is to expect a release in 202x and if it comes any time sooner you can be surprised ;). But in all seriousness, some work has been done. Much less than we would’ve liked to do though.

We discussed the issue within the group and decided to try working with a second editor for at least 1 route of the game. We know it would probably read different compared to eltony’s work but we are comfortable with it since two of the routes were actually done by different translators. Meaning they would already read differently anyway.

So hereby I’d like to welcome Agent Lee to the team. Lee is a government editor who has been (information redacted) for (information redacted) up until (information redacted).  But will now join the Koichoco department to work on at least 1 route as an editor.

It’s still too early to say anything more about it, but hopefully we can get the project rolling again.


Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5919/5919
Mifuyu: 5425/5425

Translation: 397/397 files
Editing: 248/397 files
QC: 165/397 files


41 thoughts on “October Koichoco update

  1. anon

    So which route Agent Lee will be editing? In this case, are you planning to post another partial before full release?

  2. yume

    Why don’t you guys just post it as is for now? I’d rather read shitty English than wait another ∞ months.

    1. lostmynic

      because that’s what people do when they give up, see:ikikoi. i don’t blame you or anyone else for getting sick of waiting but this kind of shit just happens and if the VN fanTL scene is anything to go by, you should just get used to dealing with it. the other alternative is that we start and finish a project in secret and release it as a pleasant surprise when it’s done so no one has to complain about waiting, would you really prefer that?

  3. Diamondketo

    While I do completely understand why you guys would wait until the final patch for a release (I used to be a VN translator). However 5-6+ years is quite difficult (unless you were just exaggerating your finish date). It isn’t difficult because we can’t wait, but it is difficult because it is VERY VERY Difficult to keep motivation for that long. I’ve seen many VN fail due to decreasing motivation. If you’re busy now with life then you should soon would know that life is not going to make you less busier as the years go on.

    What I do hope is that you guys don’t quit on the VN after a given amount of time and don’t even upload a partial patch of your current progress. I’ve seen this with Mashiroiro Symphony Translation. With that being said I hope you guys release QC & edited patch by routes (most people will still come back for the other routes when you are 100% finished) and I am greatly appreciated by the work you guys pulled through. Good luck to you and please keep up your motivation. KoiChoco FTW!!

    1. _ulinity

      They were exaggerating to lower your expectations – an obvious joke. I’d be hoping for a release before Christmas but it ain’t the end of the world as long as they don’t give up.

      1. Diamondketo

        That joke is not so obvious when the VN translation I am part of is actually 20xx. No kidding…less than 0.001% a day.

        Well I’m only the UI Artist Translation (Alpha Maps) was done within weeks, well that’s because someone gave me the translation in text (I don’t know much to any hiragana and kanji)

  4. 4lvinofelix

    well i don’t mind waiting this VN Until New Years Or More, I Just Kill My Time Watching Anime Fall, But Keep Going And Good Luck, I Always Waiting For You Guys

    NOTE:Sorry If You Don’t Really Understand What I Mean Cause I Don’t Really Master About English LoL

  5. lulyyyyyy

    So excited for this! I remember when the project had just started.. You guys came a long way and I can’t be thankful enough T^T

  6. botc76

    Just take your time. Anything is better than another failed project. It’s getting so that I’m really frustrated, how VN’s I’d love to play end this way.

    So thanks for sticking to the project and I’ll wait patiently.

  7. xxsaberxx

    Please don’t drop this Please don’t drop this Please don’t drop this Please don’t drop this

    Waited so many years for TH2, FA and Walkure Romanze….and they are all dead now….

    Really hope it doesn’t happen – especially when (from what I’m told) the hardest part is done.

  8. xxsaberxX

    Actually, what are you guys looking for? I could help out in editing if it doesn’t require me to be able to read japanese text.

    1. some random chick

      They’ll release it eventually. They wouldn’t spend over a year fully translating a vn only to never release it. And they just hired another editor.
      I’d guess the reason no one wants to post a November update is because not much progress has been made lately, though.
      Which is fine. Just give it time.

      1. Some Guy

        ” They wouldn’t spend over a year fully translating a vn only to never release it. ”

        Can you really say that with a straight face? After “at least” four TL projects in the last few years did exactly that? 😛 Though I agree with you they probably just don’t have much of an update to provide atm.

        Here’s hoping, and all the best to the team~

      2. O'Nyanmaru-sama

        I would really like to believe, but I have enough experience to have my doubts…

  9. marshall

    Well they did say they have an update that they were going to post, but they havent gotten to it yet. Either as the person said before, theres not much to post so they could be waiting, or they might be almost done so they’re having us wait a little longer so they can put out the full patch. Who knows, it might take another month. At least they’re not dead and are still working on things. Just wait a little more, and im sure itll be out.

  10. O'Nyanmaru-sama

    As long as I will be able to play it I am satisfied, even if I have doubts I still will be waiting. After all, if not for these guys I would be unable to even hope for it.


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