June update for Koichoco

Here’s our update post for June. Since we didn’t post an update last month we’ve been getting a few questions whether the project is still alive. And yes, it is, I don’t plan on abandoning it now that it’s at this stage. Nor do any of the other current team members.

Also, you might be wondering what’s taking so long since it’s mainly stuck in the “QC stage” right now. We do not intent to release a half-assed translation so it’s taking some time to polish the routes. Making the story read well as a whole takes time and we’re looking at each scene to see if they read right and fit properly in the context.

So to perhaps speed that up a little we’ve added Jon to our team. He’ll be helping us with this final stage of the process. So welcome Jon!

As for myself, I’m in charge of taking care of TLC requests I get from the editors/QCs, as well as reading the routes once they’re “finished”. In which I must admit, have been slacking a bit.

Motivation can be an issue if you’re already occupied with a full-time job during the week. It doesn’t leave much time to work on VN-related “hobby” things (Or play them). But as I said, we’ll get the translation out for sure.

It’s a bit hard to give an exact status update of where we so don’t hold too much value to the exact progress numbers down below. At least 2 out of the 4 remaining routes are fairly far into the process while the other 2 still need quite some work.

Oh and one last thing, a missed update post is not the end of the project.


Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5919/5919
Mifuyu: 5425/5425

Translation: 397/397 files
Editing: 397/397 files
QC: 230/397 files

34 thoughts on “June update for Koichoco

  1. Veloren

    Huzzah!! cheers and keep it up i am pretty sure the wait is worth it. And Thank you always for the hardwork

  2. KainLegacy

    I have a work too and understand perfectly how you feel so dont worry, just keep up, all here are rooting for you guys.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  3. botc76

    Well, seeing a project slow down, so close to the finish line is always a cause for concern.
    I had basically already given up on the final patch for Air, when they suddenly did bring in a new hacker to finish it.

    In addition I’ve decided not to watch the anime, but wait instead for the VN, so the wait feels even longer.
    Damn, really want to play this game, but you people take your time. better slow than never.

    1. eltonyvn

      Yeah, fuck these guys for not doing this as a fulltime job! They don’t deserve any of the rewards which they will receive when they finally finish. It’s almost as if this entire project is a social commentary on how lazy autists prefer waiting several years for a quality translation, putting significantly more effort in complaining about the speed of the translation rather than learning Japanese. If you want the fastest, shittiest, non-qc’d translation then I would like to refer you to http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/94395-Translation-Aggregator.

      1. Fedalio

        Damn man, chill. No need to get so defensive or angry at all. Not trying to defend what that guy was saying but it reflects badly on the whole team when you come in and post stuff like this.

      2. littleshogun

        Dear eltonyvn

        Since looks like you’ve stressed out from medical school which turn you to insane people on internet, and by the way I knew med school is very hard one in term of study, guess as the student of med school you knew that shouldn’t do much work that take the emotion. I think you’ll need to lie down and rest. From your post I assume you suffering from high blood pressure. Therefore I suggest to take control of your fat consumption and started to eat more vegetable and reducing your salt consumption is good for you too.

        Well, I just worried about you and I think your family will be sad if they saw your post like this. And if you responded like above, you just prove my point to be true anyway. Take a rest okay, and good luck in your med school.


        PS Good luck to other member of this translation.

      3. lostmynic

        tony’s always been a jerk though, but you may have a point, we’re all worried about tony’s mental health. as the resident doctor of the group i’d like to prescribe you some dicks tony. twice a day, morning and night, without food. isara agrees as well http://i.imgur.com/Ikc3k3l.png

      4. O'Nyanmaru-sama

        Who are we to complain, may I ask? All we do is profit from their hard work and in what position we are to complain? They could very well finish QC up to the file no.396 and say: Sorry we are dropping it and we still have no choice but to accept it.
        To translation team: You have my deepest gratitude for doin this work out of your own volition, even though most you get is unsatisfaction and whining from bunch of mental retards who have no regard for your own well-being. Thank you again.

      5. botc76

        I did not complain about the speed of the translation at all, all I was doing was try to explain why some might be a little anxious when there’s no update for a month.
        I was perfectly serious that your team should take the time they need.
        How about learning to read what is actually written there, not what you add to it in your mind (as little as appears to exist of it).
        I understand that you can’t always read the intentions behind a post, but you definitely don’t have to be such a passive-aggressive asshole about it.

        And IMO your post makes you seem more like an autist (or at least a total failure when it comes to social interaction, which is pretty close to an actual case of mild autism) than my post might have made me seem in your (half-blind) eyes.

        Next time leave the replies to those in your group that aren’t struggling with their grasp of reality and are perhaps a bit less misanthropic, jerkwad.

      6. botc76

        And the above goes for every other little cunt or dick, who felt they needed to add their bullshit to eltonyvn’s massive load of crap.

  4. Yonathan Ivan Kukuh Prakoso

    hi.. it’s seem you almost done with the patch..
    but, it’s for pc version or psp version?

    and are you just provide patch only? or you include the VN game too?
    i can;t find any koi chocho raw VN for pc verion

    1. joooooooon

      hi… so it says in the sidebar…
      “we have no plans to support the psp version”

      and they would provide the patch only. they would not include the vn game too.
      it would be illegal, since this is a fan patch, to include a copy of the game.

  5. Aeneos

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking forward to the VN, I watched the anime, but i think I’ll have to change the ending a bit 😉 So… as soon as you are finished, I really would like to buy the game [as japanese import], but I can’t find any website to do this?! Can you help me out here?

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  7. XReaper

    @those plebian permantly nagging bout “non visible” process beeing made, guess you forgot how long that game actually is…

    1. Fedalio

      It’s pretty much an inevitable part of any translation project really. The closer the project appears to be to completion, the more impatient people will be for its release. Better to just ignore them and keep doing your thing than to get dragged down into their pace.

  8. claire

    looking forward to the full patch ! i’ve been waiting to play this VN on english, im so excited for it..

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  10. Hakomari

    My thoughts after read the post
    1. Ignore the stray dogs and keep going with your own peace
    2. Your hardwork always been appreciated thanks everyone
    3. eltonyvn you’re badass man, I mean you went to med school and still doing translation oh damn just like being Leluoch in daylight then being Zero in the night.

  11. Velosee

    QC: 230/397 files >>>> SERIUSLY? Im not wrong right? almost complate. cant wait for release. you guys awesome

    1. Some guy

      From my past experiences, there isn’t enough new content to justify purchasing any 1st edition, special edition etc, of a VN – short of it being a total remake, sych as Fate/Stay Night versus Realta Nua.

      Unless you already purchased it, I suggest just going for the standard edition for the sake of compatibility.

      1. Nier

        Have you even checked the link? This isn’t a 1st edition, its’ a “The Best” edition that is a re-release of the title at a lowered MSRP (6,450 Yen instead of 9,800 Yen for the regular edition and 10,584 Yen for the TV Animation edition) and I don’t have the game yet, this is why I am planning on buying it and since the The Best version comes out on the last day of this month I was thinking of picking it up, but since Basic replied that he does not plan to pick up this version, I will just try and get the TV Animation version.

  12. Some guy

    Yes I checked the link, I bet you’re fun at parties, too? 😛 1st edition, best edition – w/e, same shit different pile. I get that you wanted to save money, but in the end setting sights on anything but the original versions put the consumer at risk (ranging from small to large) of a TL patch not being compatible. One never knows if they made any minor tweaks or touchups, as Basic themselves stated.


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