Hotfix patch for the “The Best” and DMM editions + what’s next

So it’s almost been a week since the release of the patch and we’ve received a lot of feedback about the game, including some technical issues. We’re sorry to hear that some of you are suffering from these technical issues after waiting so long for the patch, but thank you so much for all the reports, we appreciate it!

The first thing that I’d like to mention is that the original game officially only supports up until Windows 7. We aren’t sure about Windows 8 or Windows 10 support for those editions and can’t really help with issues on those platforms as we do not have such a setup at hand.

Our full patch supports these versions (VNDB) of the game for sure:
– First Press Limited Edition
– Regular Edition
– TV Animation Commemorative Special Edition (Memorial)

Those that did try to apply our patch to other versions like the DMM Download Edition and the “The Best” edition, ended up with missing files and a text-wrapping issue. Here are some instructions for you if you’re in that situation:

  • First, make sure you have either of these 2 editions. This fix won’t work on anything else.
  • Then, after applying our patch you’ll notice that some game files are missing.
  • Go into the “Backup” folder and copy over the .cct and .dcr files to your game’s root folder (No overwrite). Make sure to leave the SCN folder alone.
  • Add a “2” to the .cct and .dcr files that lack one.
  • Download this hotfix patch:!hlZShTKT!2OLZwp_X_4vtqFw17Ze6ub7Z-EDIgrFHzLdfEjNa9Bo
  • Extract these 2 files in your game’s root folder (with overwrite)
  • Run the game, your text should now wrap properly.

Now, this is only a hotfix and doesn’t apply any of our UI changes. I’ll see what I can do about that in the coming weeks, but no promises.

What’s next?

I won’t have much time left in December so I’m not sure if I can update the installer to better support the various other versions of the game around. But we’ve also received a lot of feedback about the game text. Reports about typos and mistakes have been flooding in from all sides, thank you all for your efforts!

We’ve been busy going over the feedback and fixing errors in the script where ever we could. An update patch will be released shortly with all these corrections, including some for Mifuyu’s route, which seems to have a few oversights left in it.

As always, I don’t have an exact date but just keep an eye out on the blog.

50 thoughts on “Hotfix patch for the “The Best” and DMM editions + what’s next

  1. Zeross

    i’m glad our typo’s report are helpfull 🙂 will continue sending them !

    i run on win10, and had a few technical error like my saves reverting back to a day before, or game not loading at all, but basicly, just restarting the game work most of the time

  2. HumanBeings

    where is my save file? i can’t find it on game directory
    somebody help me please

    1. zeross

      hu i have them in the game directory two folders named :

      but i have some folder named like that in
      C:\Users\(my user name)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\sprite\koichoco

      maybe if the uac from windows 8+ does not allow the game to write on program files it write in the local storage instead (like if you don’t run on administrator privilege)

      1. BlackStar10

        Thank you for the Information.

        Im starting to get real nuts and worried that I cant make a backup of the save data because I cant find it on the file directory. Currently playing the game while the CD is inserted.(I didn’t mind the CD is inserted while playing) because it the game always ask for the CD everytime.

  3. zeross

    i now finished morishita and chisato route and wonder what to do next

    is mifuyu route that bad ? or is it just a few mistake that dont ruin the whole thing ?
    it’s either that or satsuki route since i wanna keep isara last..

    i’m not really drown to satsuki route as we dont interact with her much in the other route…

    so i dunno 😦

    1. J3h3

      I just played it through and I didn’t notice too many mistakes or any that would make me feel like the route was “ruined” or “bad”.
      That being said I’m not native English speaker and I skipped/skimmed through the h-scenes.

      1. zeross

        Thanks, i think ill do her next so as im really no entusiastic on satsuki

  4. ser

    I finished the first playthrough and Satsuki route, why I can’t open the extra option in the main menu?

  5. Sagara86

    I have a little problem, I can not seem to put the game in full screen. Is this normal?

  6. zeross

    finished mifuyu route, sadly i did it while staying on an hotel and didnt have a net connection, so with no access to my google docs i did not take notes of the mistake i found…

    well in term of the route herself it felt pretty weak, i’ve seen the development coming from two route away, it was so predictable…

    now on satsuki route and will do isara last 🙂

  7. Boredom

    after applying the english patch ( the non-safe one), why is the H scene is gone and couple of the cg changed into the cencored one ?? help please

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    1. Trilicon

      I’m trying to get it to run on 8.1, and every time I launch it with local emulator I just get an error of some kind in Japanese shortly after it launches. Wish I could find more info, but without even knowing what the what the error is I don’t know where to start.

  9. Yagami Light

    As Always am your biggest fan, also i did almost all routes with the expection of Shinonome Satsuki and i didnt find any important bad tradution so gj on doing this, i have been watching you guys for about 2 years, maybe alot other guys have asked this but are you guys going to translate any other visual novel that need translation?

  10. littleowen

    Hey guys i just finished the game and wanted to thank you for translating, it was a fun ride. anyway i just wanted to say thanks now and wish you all happy holidays before i forget to do so. ill say it once more just in case THANK YOU!!!

  11. doripto

    Where can I find an english walkthrough for this game? and anyone have a save game with completed chisato route? cause I can’t find one, even the fully 100% CG Save 😥

      1. chocolatemilkgod

        This a rather belated response, but you HAVE to play chisato’s route first. This also means that you don’t have all the choices available to you the first time you play.

  12. xainv

    is it just me that get the text only using half of the bar?
    is there any fix on this…. T-T i wanna read with ease

    1. Fuminori

      I have the exact same problem, want to try to use the hotfix thing but for some reason I have no files in my ‘backup’ folder I can paste over. This bug is really breaking the experience for me, I don’t know how to fix it.

  13. Bananaman

    I can’t seem to get it to work. After I install I can’t start the game. If i use the .exe with Japanese characters a box it just ?’s pop up with the option to hit ok or cancel. If I hit ok it takes me to abobe’s shockwave page for some reason. Running the .exe with apploc does nothing either. I tried all of this with the image still mounted.

    Unfortunately when I click start.exe nothing happens. I do have AVG antivirus and I heard that antivurises can interfere so I’ve tried both disabling it and making exceptions for the installation folder but nothing worked.

    I’m not sure what to do. I’m running windows 10 and I’ve tried running all .exes in windows 7 compatibility mode but to no avail. I’ve tried both iso and non-iso versions of the vn and neither has worked. It seems ultimately start.exe does nothing no matter what I try

  14. gonzalo

    umm can someone what they mean to add a “2” to the files? thats where i am lost.

    1. Anticow

      I meant that you should try adding “2” at the end of the file name (so rename them the same thing, but with a 2 at the end, ex: “KSC.SC” becomes “KSC2.SC”)

  15. WhenLoners

    ok so i have been trying to find a place to buy the pc version of the game so i can play because i kept getting insert disk message, and i cant find any site selling anything, so can someone give a link? please?

  16. Insaneis

    So is there any estimated eta to that patch fix for all the bugs/spelling errors and stuff? I’m actually waiting for it before I start playing. I am checking the blog as said in the post, but blog seems dead ;] (as in tweets feed didn’t change for days now).

  17. Regis

    one thing that troubles me…. i still don’t get why Chisato has bigger bust than Aomi on vndb…. KEK

  18. Yogi Maulana Krisna

    i always got this error when i run the game and it seems the op can’t play because of it (i’m assuming it’s the op because it happened after the flashback when chisato and the protag talk about love with a married couple)

    sorry for my bad english

    1. Exorxiang

      I think u have to install the Codec’s of media player for the .mpg file called koichoco.mpg, that it’s the opening. Try to find K-lite Mega Code Pack in “” official website (not a fake or illegal) and install it, it comes with the Media Player Classic and it’s good to play mkv files.
      I see forward for your reply 😉

      1. That Guy

        tried your suggestion but sadly the error still occurs 😦

        i will try running it in my pc later, hopefully it will work

  19. Ziggx

    Not sure where to look for this but figured I’d ask here, is it possible to change the text box opacity by editing one of the files or something?

  20. Amane

    i finished this game about 30minutes ago. its all thank to you guys
    i just want to express my grateful. Because of you guys, i could play a wonderful game like this. Thank you guys so much, thank for many many hard works that you guys have been overcame
    One last time thank you guys
    btw: sorry for my bad english, hope you guys can understand

  21. qaz

    For those of you on Win10, do you have any specific setup besides the usual Japanese locale? My system is fully updated, I’ve downloaded the supplemental fonts, ran as admin, compatability mode etc. but it crashes no matter what. If I may ask, is there a specific version of the game you guys are using maybe?

    1. Exorxiang

      I have win10 and no problems with the original game, but i tell you my first day experience because it crashes when i try to play it and my first solution was using an locale emulator plus switching my local language to Japanese and it work’s really well. If that didn’t go well reboot your pc and try it another time.

      1. qaz

        I never thought of using an emulator considering my setup, but I gave it try and it surprisingly worked. A little late, but thanks for the suggestion.

  22. thegoldyaksha

    report. some character name is still in kanji in satsuki route. right after the second day of election camp. hope a fix come soon. thanks basicvntls. cant wait for a fix patch

  23. Ian Iams

    Encountered an error while running through Michiru’s Route. During the setup of the Preliminaries, when Oojima goes to register for his speech slot and speaks with Tatsumi. As their conversation ends and the game goes to transition to the next scene, I have an error pop up.Seems to be an error with the file ev0678.SL2. Has this been reported before? Any fixes other than uninstall / reinstall?

    Thank you

  24. akb48fic

    anyone here played Michiru route, Chisato route’s script is added into Michiru route. like, the night protag sleep with oboro, the scene chisato’s boobs appeared in protag’s mind (wtf), and some another event like protag went shopping with michiru and isara, and then mifuyu suddenly appeared from nowhere at the event isara’s brother got sick…
    this shit from MICHIRU route

  25. 3x3y3z3t

    Can I ask for what is “The Best” edition? What is the difference in that edition over the others?

    1. günstiger privatkredit

      I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

  26. Ian

    So. Been awhile, how do things go team? Any news on a new project? I remember Lee saying something about it on Tumblr awhile back.


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