About us

Basic Translations was born from a single amateur translator who wanted to translate a visual novel. Several other people who shared the same interest joined over time, and eventually the group became what it is now.

As a group we like to share our common passion for visual novels. These great stories are often inaccessible to the general public because of an insurmountable barrier called language. Only a small portion reaches a western audience through translations. With our translations we hope to reach those currently either unknown to the concept of visual novels or those that cannot read the original. All our translations are fan translations without any way of monetising our work.

We are Basic Translations

You can contact us through e-mail here (basicvnlts@gmail.com) for general questions about the group and projects. We also have an IRC channel #BasicTranslations @ irc.rizon.net.

Current active staff:
Translation: Basic, (@basicvntls) Zebra-kun, Toothdecay
Tools: binaryfail
Editing: eltony (@elpwny), Agent Lee
QC: lostmynic, eltony
Image editing: RingoCygnus