Monthly Archives: October 2015

Wrapping up

After two months it’s time for a quick update. As you may have noticed the posts for the Koichoco project have been further and further apart. I can no longer bring up the motivation to do much more work on the script. It’s not all that perfect yet and there are still in things that need polishing. But with the first thing in mind, it’s time to wrap this up soon.

The plan for this month is to get the latest state of the translation ingame, wrap it in a nice and easy one-click installer, and bring you the patch. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be released this month (if we find any major issues for example), but it does mean that there will be no more major changes.

Thank you all for your patience and apologies for the lack of updates.

P.S.: There have been reports that the MEGA links for the partial parts stopped working. I’ve updated the partial patch post with new fresh links.