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June update for Koichoco

Here’s our update post for June. Since we didn’t post an update last month we’ve been getting a few questions whether the project is still alive. And yes, it is, I don’t plan on abandoning it now that it’s at this stage. Nor do any of the other current team members.

Also, you might be wondering what’s taking so long since it’s mainly stuck in the “QC stage” right now. We do not intent to release a half-assed translation so it’s taking some time to polish the routes. Making the story read well as a whole takes time and we’re looking at each scene to see if they read right and fit properly in the context.

So to perhaps speed that up a little we’ve added Jon to our team. He’ll be helping us with this final stage of the process. So welcome Jon!

As for myself, I’m in charge of taking care of TLC requests I get from the editors/QCs, as well as reading the routes once they’re “finished”. In which I must admit, have been slacking a bit.

Motivation can be an issue if you’re already occupied with a full-time job during the week. It doesn’t leave much time to work on VN-related “hobby” things (Or play them). But as I said, we’ll get the translation out for sure.

It’s a bit hard to give an exact status update of where we so don’t hold too much value to the exact progress numbers down below. At least 2 out of the 4 remaining routes are fairly far into the process while the other 2 still need quite some work.

Oh and one last thing, a missed update post is not the end of the project.


Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5919/5919
Mifuyu: 5425/5425

Translation: 397/397 files
Editing: 397/397 files
QC: 230/397 files