Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate English patch 1.1

I’m pretty sure that most of you remember that we said we would release an updated patch for Koichoco at some point in the future. Well, it’s finally here! Big thanks for lostmynic and binaryfail in particular for picking up the few final finishing touches and making this release possible.

This patch contains the following updates compared to the original 1.0 patch:
– Fixed Mifuyu route, the 1.0 patch had a slightly older version of the route included.
– Fixed a censored CG that was accidently included from the all-ages edition.
– Fixed several translation issues in all routes.
– Other typo and QC corrections in all routes.

Big thanks for all of you who reported bugs and typos to us. They should all be included in this update.

Windows 8 & 10

We also received a lot of questions from people trying to get the game running on WIndows 8 or 10. Some have no issues but others can’t get it work. Unfortunately we can’t really provide support for anything higher than Windows 7.

Supported game edition

All editions of the game should be supported (Regular, Limited ED, DMM, TV Memorial, The Best). But the support for the TV Memorial and The Best is limited. The story is fully translated but some pop-up messages and a few other minor things aren’t supported.

Installation instructions

We recommend using a fresh game install for our 1.1 patch, but it should work on installations that have our 1.0 patch installed as well. That is, if you kept the “Backup” directory that our installer made when you first installed it.

Download links

Mirror 1: Mega (OP)
Mirror 2: Uploaded (OP)
Mirror 3: Mediafire (OP)

We have no all-ages “safe” edition available for this 1.1 release.

38 thoughts on “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate English patch 1.1

  1. Recc42

    Thanks for all the work over the years guys, great job! i followed your work since 2012 until you released the patch and now this, thanks for helping us enjoy this work.

  2. KainLegacy

    Yeah, i said to myself, “wait for the 1.1 patch is going to be realese soon” and here it is, now i gonna play Koichoco to the every last part. A million of Thanks.

  3. Tavishthomas

    I got it to work on windows 10 by going into the folder and pressing the start.exe directly. it seems to work that way for me.

  4. 3x3y3z3t

    Thanks for your hard work.
    For some reason, my game (after applied Patch 1.1) says that the file KSC-FV.cct is missing. I see that the file is moved into backup folder. What should I do to fix this?

    1. 3x3y3z3t

      Oh, I solved the problem by copy everything in “backup” folder except the SCN folder back to the main folder, and then re-install the patch. I don’t know why at the first time the installer backup the original file then doesn’t return the patched file.

  5. Leonard

    A particular line in Morishita’s route keeps crashing the game… One of Tatsumi’s, during the preliminary elections. Nothing I’ve tried seems to work, once the line arrives, there’s an error message and the game inevitably crashes.

    1. Leonard

      And I’ve made a fool of myself. I’ve installed the patch in the wrong folder. Lo and behold, when I do it right, the game doesn’t crash. “=_=

    1. eltonyvn

      That’s giberish even if you understand moonrunes. I’m guessing you didn’t set your system locale to Japanese. Google explains how you can do that.

  6. Nier

    “But the support for the TV Memorial and The Best is limited. The story is fully translated but some pop-up messages and a few other minor things aren’t supported.”

    Could you tell me what those “few minor things are” and if they are important to the story? Also, could you tell me if there are any changes between the TV Memorial and The Best editions? Like bug fixes and other improvements?

    1. eltonyvn

      You have to install the game on a fresh non-updated version of the game. So install game -> install patch. Also set your system locale to Japanese if you haven’t. Google it if you don’t know how to do it.

  7. eltonyvn

    Fun fact: the Yosuga no Sora translation is still ongoing. The first shot at it was in 2010 on TLWiki. Now almost 7 years later they are still actually working on it and making progress. That puts our measly 2 years in perspective doesn’t. Basic I still ❤ u

  8. kiabee

    Question why are some long sentences gets cut? am i only one who has that problem?

  9. Nyx

    can someone pls put koichoco download link for the game and the steps to apply the patch ? i look at the internet and most doesnt work..

    1. eltonyvn

      We never supported and still don’t support piracy. I suggest you look into legally acquiring the game. I will delete any comments linking an illegal copy so don’t even try.

  10. Glittz

    Hi, I’m so sorry but I’m new to visual novels and installing them. I followed the steps and everything but for some reason when I click the install button for the setup, it says “Could not find Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate in the specified folder”. And the folder I tried putting it into is C:\Program Files (x86)\sprite\koichoco\.

  11. Nichijou

    well.. i tried to run this patch in windows 10 its work but when i open the APP why always not responding

  12. SSSTylish

    just finished this game.Just wanted say thank you to the translators.Thank you guys.

  13. Yeah

    Can you guys put up a rar version of this translation? Because of certain circumstances like shit PC with a unique illness, I can’t do much stuff with exe files.

  14. M22

    Hey, i got a question – if i have censorder scene (bath scene with chisato) does that mean i have uncensored version and no h-scenes? If yes how can i get uncensored version even though I installed patch 1.1?

    1. Lisu Patients

      i’m just wondering, will this eng patch will work on new ver.high resolution? thanks for your hardwork on making this tl 🙂

      1. Moustafa Abousalem

        Nope. It probably has to be optimized to work for the newer version.

    1. wroger

      The way i “fixed” it was by putting the the “Koichoco_the_best_edition_hotfix” files in the folder.
      p.s. i brought the DMM version


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