Monthly Archives: November 2013

Progress regarding Satsuki & partial

So here we are with a new update, and I’ve got some great news this time. The most important being that translation of Satsuki’s route is now finished and currently in editing.

Next, as you may have read last time we had some issues with QC, but those are now sorted out and if everything goes according to schedule we might have a nice Christmas present for you! (Disclaimer: Be sure to read the if there).

Now feel free to check the progress below, I included some (spoiler-free) images of our work in progress as a bonus. Also, you may notice that the progress on Mifuyu is now included as well.

Common/First route (Chisato): 18398/18398 lines translated.
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Isara: 3000/5919
Mifuyu: 1699/5425

Translation: 257/397 files
Editing: 181/397 files.
QC: 50/397 files.