Monthly Archives: July 2015

It’s still July

The 31st of July still counts as July right? If so then I’m in time for the July update on Koichoco progress. With the addition of Jon to our team we’ve had good progress on QC in the latter part of June and the beginning of July. We’re now close to the final 100 files left to enter QC

As for myself, I just returned from a short vacation and with editing done it’s now up to me to check if the final text still matches with the intended translation. After that it’ll be time to dust off that installer and get it compatible with the new files and different editions of the game. (Hopefully without too many bugs, don’t want to be the cause of save data disappearance for example -_-)

Anyway, in short. I’m happy with the progress we’ve seen this month. Though I can’t promise I’ll have the August update ready for you in time …


Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5919/5919
Mifuyu: 5425/5425

Translation: 397/397 files
Editing: 397/397 files
QC: 294/397 files

P.S. People have been asking if our release will be compatible with the “The Best” edition release of Koichoco. Unfortunately I can’t provide a clear answer to that, the edition I personally own is a different one and I don’t want to buy a new one just to test the patch with it. Our patch will at least be made compatible with the First Press- and Regular editions, as well as the TV Anime edition. That’s all I can say for now.