1. General

Will you translate <insert game name here>?
No, the only translations we’re doing are those announced on the blog.

Can I join your group?
If you’re interested in joining us please have a look at the about page for information and our contact information.

I found a bug/typo
Have a look at the known issues list for a release first. If your problem is not on the list you can report bugs and typo’s at basicvntls@gmail.com. Please try to be as clear and precise in the description of your problem as possible.

Where can I download <insert game name>?
Our patches require an original copy of the game. If you want the game please buy it through official channels.

2. Issues

The installer failed and removed some of my files
We’ve received several reports of technical issues with our patch and the standard edition of the game on Windows 10. The game officially supports up to Windows 7 only.

I installed the patch but the text wrapping looks weird
We’ve received multiple reports of text wrapping issues with the full patch. We’re currently in the process of gathering information about which versions and OS versions this applies to, in order to provide a fix.

I installed your patch but the game says “Please insert the Koichoco DVD” (In either Japanese or English).
Well, do as the game says and insert your Koichoco DVD 🙂

Are there any known issues with the patch once it has been properly installed?
Yes, not all information in the extra screens is translated.
For the memorial edition there are few more untranslated images and pop-ups.

3. Full patch

What versions of the game is your patch compatible with?
It’s been tested with Windows 7 and the Koichoco original game as well as the TV Anime Memorial edition on Windows 7.
Other versions of the game are untested.

What is the “safe” patch?
The safe patch is just a version of the patch with the ero-scenes removed. It doesn’t alter the extras menu of any of the other CGs.

Can I uninstall the English patch?
Yes, the installer adds an “uninst.exe” file to your game’s directory. You can use it to remove the English patch.

Can I switch between patch versions?
When switching between patch versions it’s advised to do so with a fresh install or to uninstall the previous patch first. While it’s possible that switching might work we cannot guarantee that everything will work.

When does the extra menu unlock?
The extra menu doesn’t unlock until you’ve completed all routes. This is a feature from the original game we left untouched.

4. Partial Patch (Old, but keeping it for archive purposes)

I installed the patch but the text wraps up at roughly 1/4 of the textbox
You must install our patch on a fresh install of the game. The wrapping issue will occur if you installed a previous update of the game.

I did as you told me but the text still wraps.
Are you sure you used a fresh install? Please try replacing KSC-Scripts.cct with this file: https://mega.co.nz/#!wgdlCTyJ!K2y_s79GWYu3mFm_JrSqBJU1WliKkHLWgZXRcwEnVNQ. If the issue still occurs after that please contact us.

I ran into Japanese text while playing the game.
The partial patch is meant for the initial playthrough of the game. If you start a game with Chisato route already finished you indeed will run into Japanese text. You can clear your SystemSaveData folder if you want a fresh start (Note: You WILL lose progress)

How does the “All-ages” version differ from the normal patch?
The all-ages version has the explicit scenes removed and might censor other explicit images. Nothing else is changed about the game.