Monthly Archives: June 2014

Not much of an update

It’s been a while since the last update. Main reason for the delay being the (announced) absence of our editor and other staff members either finished their share of the work or had a busy RL schedule. There isn’t much to report on the progress side of things so I’ve left out the progress stats but I do want to address some questions we’ve received over time about the PSP version.

Let me start by saying that we currently do not have any plans to port our patch for Koichoco to the PSP version. We’ve actually looked into the possibilies but concluded that there is more manual work involved than it’s worth the effort. For example lines are split up to fit into the smaller text area and some are rewritten to honor the reduced age rating.

I’m not saying never because plans might change if there’s someone willing to do all that manual labor for us, but for now it’s off the hook.

That’s all for now. Our progress should pick back up somewhere in the second half of the summer.