Koichoco tools and file info

We’ve received several request for the tools and info required to work with the Koichoco game files. Below you’ll find a simple compilation of the info that we have and can share with you. Note that we be able to provide support on this, you’ll have to figure the rest out by yourself.

Tools: https://mega.nz/#!0l41VRBI!nD8Wiuw4mGiZjaldkQA6w_AybuUblAyr0iOKbtW3y-o

Main files
The main files of the game are KSC-MAIN.dcr and the respective .cct files. If you rename the .dcr to .dir and the .cct to .cst, you should be able to open these files in Macromedia director.

There are several ways to extract these files. The first option is the general tool arc_conv (https://github.com/dsp2003/arc_conv). Just download the files and run build.bat to compile.

Next there’s our tool written by binaryfail. With dcr_extract-decALL you’re able to extract the raw files in these archives. You can then go ahead and replace a file, and pack the archive back together with gen_dcr.exe.

Scenario files (text)
The scenario files for the game are in the SCN folder (*.sl2). You can extract these files to .txt with a Lingo script in Director but we lost that script due to a hard drive failure. We only have the converted files here: https://mega.nz/#!NhwkXb6T!xgiLozXuzlOfpDwu3mJfqBMM1QxIHc0pboSUXIk6bPE

Before use they’ll have to be converted back to .sl2 with the vlist-repack tool.

Font and text wrap
You’ll find the main font in 00008171 located in KSC-MAIN. It’s a simple FLA file underneath. The game also has a hardcoded text wrap located in the form a few <br>s in the KSC-Scripts archive. Just do a search within the extracted directory to find the right file. You can replace the <br> with a non-existent tag like <aa> to get rid of the forced line break.

Note that the game has several versions (Original game, Memorial Edition, “The best” edition). All of these editions seem to have different versions of the files in question as well.