Let’s keep this trend going, shall we?

Here’s another end of the month update for you. Though I’ll keep it short this time. Most of this month’s progress has come from the days at the start of the month and because of that we’ll probably end up with slightly less files done at the end of September. So don’t expect a release just yet, but we’re getting closer for sure.

Common/Chisato: 18398/18398
Satsuki: 8334/8334
Michiru: 6547/6547
Isara: 5919/5919
Mifuyu: 5425/5425

Translation: 397/397 files
Editing: 397/397 files
QC: 340/397 files

35 thoughts on “Let’s keep this trend going, shall we?

  1. littleowen

    Thanks alot for keep doing this guy’s (dammit, can’t come up with a way of saying this without sounding hollow) i really appreciate it

  2. KainLegacy

    Sooo, the “thanks for the update and for your work” its very seen, soooo, take care and dont die, we are rooting for you.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  3. O'Nyanmaru-sama

    Thank you for the update. judging by the speed at least it will not interrupt me with my exams in college xD

  4. Axel

    Man, am i looking forward to this… you guys are awesome, keep up the good work. 😀

    1. Zoderak

      Same here, and if you could also bundle the game with the full patch, it would be PERFECT!

      1. O'Nyanmaru-sama

        As much as I agree with you, that will not happen, as it would be piracy. But that aside, I feel like sitting on bunch of needles, the release is so close after all.

      2. Zoderak

        yeah I know however if you could help me out with obtaining a legal copy that would be great. I have no idea where to look right now and I’m so desperate because the final patch will be coming out anytime now.
        I really don’t mind paying for it, I just really want a game that works isn’t going to send me online whenever I try opening it.

  5. Fish

    Sniff, sniff, you smell it? I smell a complete translation patch right around the corner. Or maybe it’s CRAZY Cat farting all over the place, who knows. 😉

      1. Lex Luthor

        More like “Great news: we are pleased to announce an official jast localization – look forward to it in 2042!”

    1. botc76

      Lol. Be careful with comments like this. When I last tried to explain why people worry when the translators stay quiet for so long, it got vicious here.

      Still hoping this will be finished, after all, To Hearts 2 and Air finally got translated as well.:-)


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